Dr. Doto Biteko, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, met and held discussions with Dr. Michael Battle, US Ambassador to Tanzania, today, September 13, 2023, at the Ministry's Sub Office in Dar es Salaam.


By Sultani Kipingo

Dr. Battle visted Hon. Biteko to congratulate him on his new position and responsibilities, as well as to discuss several aspects of bilateral sectoral cooperation.


During their conversations, Hon. Biteko indicated that the Ministry will continue to engage with national and international players in the implementation of different energy sector projects, including those for electricity production and the liquefied natural gas (LNG) project.


Hon. Biteko stated that negotiations between the government and LNG project investors are going well, with experts examining contract details to assure satisfaction on all sides. However, he hinted at the prospect of modifying some terms to improve them further.


"We are continuing to review and improve certain aspects of this contract so that when it is ready, it can serve as a tool to ensure the expectations and benefits of this project are met," Hon. Biteko added.


Ambassador Battle also informed Hon. Biteko that two American companies, Astra Energy and Upepo Energy, intend to invest in Tanzania in the sphere of electricity production.


In response to the issue, Hon. Biteko offered to speed the process, particularly considering the country's present high need for electricity.


Furthermore, Ambassador Battle expressed confidence that Hon. Biteko will flourish in handling the Energy Sector, citing his considerable experience in the Extractive Industry, particularly the kind of contracts he experienced during his stint as Minister of Minerals.


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