Olla Salseros,

Last Friday in  Club Much more 18 people showed up till 12 o'clock and about another 5 to 7 people from salsa showed up after 12. 

Only 1 (Dennis) showed up between 9 and 10. So it looked like people were not particularly interested in the class on the Friday night.

Thursday night Little Theater will be available again, like normal. So class will be from 8 till 9 (for only Tsh 5000) and free dancing after till 12.
Remember the restaurant is open till 9 for nice and cheap food.

We would like to know what you guys prefer.- Salsa on Thursdays or Fridays?
                                                                 - Prefer the location of Little Theater or Club Much More (which is night club ambiance)?
                                                                 - Class before free dancing or seperate?
The guy running the Club Much More offers people from salsa free entrance on Fridays so we can meet there and dance salsa anyhow.

But for sure, this Thursday as usual in Little Theater.


Salsa in Dar.

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