It is not easy for an African band to survive for long in a European country. One of the few bands to survive the storm is Ngoma Africa Band, a Tanzanian band based in Germany.

Founded by Ebrahim Makunja also known as Kamanda Ras Makunja, Ngoma Africa Band is now 30 years old, and continues to thrill fans throughout the country with “Bongo Dansi” – Rumba influenced danceable music from Tanzania.
The Ngoma Africa Band specializes on Tanzanian music as well as East African Rhumba. Most of their songs are in Swahili but they equally sing in many other African languages.

The Ngoma Africa Band also known as "Golden Voice of East Africa" or Strong aliens "ANUNNAKI" appear live on stage with only one mission: to thrill their fans.

Ngoma Africa Band was founded in Germany 1993 in Germany by the Tanzania-born musician Ebrahim Makunja also known as Kamanda Ras Makunja. He has led the band since its foundation and looks forward to continue steering it to greater heights.

In August 2023, The Ngoma Africa Band will celebrate its 30th anniversary.
Since its foundation, the band has performed in several African festivals in Germany and abroad. It is indeed one of the most sought-after African bands in Germany.

The Ngoma Africa Band has several talented old and young musicians including:
Jonathan Zuza aka "JoJo Zuza" (Drummer), Christian Bakotessa aka "afande Chris-B" (Soloist and vocalist), Adje Nbongo (Bass Guitarist), Vially Nbongo (Rhythm Guitarist), Gailo Djambo (Guitarist), Jessicha Oyah (Vocalist) and band leader Ebrahim Makunja aka Kamanda Ras Makunja (Composer and vocalist).

Ngoma Africa Band deserves praise for having managed to survive for such a long time in the complicated music industry.
IG: www.instagram/ngomaafricaband

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