Maurel & Prom (M&P) was among the sponsors of this 5th edition of the Tanzania Energy Congress, themed: ‘Investing in Tanzania’s sustainable energy economy’ held on 20-21st September 2023, under the patronage of the honourable Dr. Dotto Mashaka Biteko (MP), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy. 

M&P Tanzania’s operations began in Tanzania almost twenty years ago. The company is essentially known for its work in the Mnazi Bay natural gas field located at the south of the country next to Mtwara, and also owns a 60% stake in BRM licence and the Mkuranga discovery.

The recent years have seen M&P together with its partners Wentworth and TPDC upgrade the capacity of the Mnazi Bay field by more than 60% in response to the increasing Tanzanian demand, thanks to significant projects and well interventions implemented successfully; this was carried out with an excellent track record of no LTIs (lost time injury) in 7 years and an overall reliability of our operation above 99.9%.

As a further illustration of M&P’s story and commitment to Tanzania’s growth and development, the company announced on 5 December 2022 a proposed amicable takeover of Wentworth Resources PLC, an operation which still needs to obtain approvals from government authorities.

Reflecting on the Energy Congress, Nicolas Engel, M&P General Manager, highlighted the significance of such platforms, enabling stakeholders to come together with a shared vision and actively contribute to the advancement of Tanzania's energy sector. 

Speaking about the company's nearly 20-year history as a pioneer and leader in gas development in Tanzania, he stated, “Tanzania holds a good position in some of M&P's most impactful projects. 

With a contribution of around 35% to the Tanzanian energy demand, our operation is key to the country and we take our role of operator and all associated responsibilities very seriously. Our ongoing projects and growing strategy further illustrates M&P’s wish to commit on the long-term and to continue providing gas supply in support of the electrification and industrialization of the country"  

Last but not least, M&P Tanzania strives to procure goods and services locally wherever possible, highlighting their commitment to boosting the economy, creating job opportunities and stimulating the various industries in Tanzania. 

Through CSR initiatives, M&P Tanzania also supports local economic activity, investing in education and providing access to quality education and skill development programs. The organization also works towards improving access to clean water, promoting health care, supporting sports engagement for youth, and creating awareness campaigns for environmental conservation. 

M&P continues to support the growth and development of Tanzania through its commitment to providing a reliable and cost-effective gas supply and sustaining economic growth.

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