In a dynamic assembly of esteemed Mercedes-Benz owners and fleet operators, the recent Mercedes-Benz Dinner in Dar es Salaam on September 13th, 2023, served as a forum for invaluable insights and feedback aimed at optimizing efficiency and bolstering customer satisfaction. This event united stakeholders from the automotive industry to deliberate on key areas for enhancement and collaboration.

A unanimous sentiment echoed by fleet operators and Mercedez owners was their profound recognition of Mercedes-Benz as a high-value brand. Participants stressed the necessity for tailor-made vehicles that align with the pricing dynamics of the Tanzanian market.

While lauding the quality of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in prime condition, operators voiced concerns regarding the availability of parts, particularly for older models. They challenged the team to augment flexibility, ensuring a seamless experience for clients, regardless of their location.

The input from fleet operators illuminated areas ripe for improvement. Pricing emerged as a pivotal concern, with a plea for more competitive rates. Furthermore, participants spotlighted a perceived disparity in fuel consumption between vehicle calibration and real-world usage.

Commending CFAO Motors Tanzania for their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, Mercedes owners and fleet operators acknowledged their exceptional support. However, they raised apprehensions about the accessibility and pricing of spare parts, continuing to be focal points requiring attention.

In response to these concerns raised by stakeholders, Mercedes-Benz representatives presented an array of innovative solutions aimed at remedying these issues. One such solution is the introduction of Individual Supply Agreements, marking a significant stride toward ensuring timely and customized part manufacturing. A representative from Mercedes-Benz Trucks emphasized, “This approach not only guarantees availability but also establishes fixed prices, offering transparency and peace of mind to owners and operators alike.”

Emphasizing the significance of total cost of ownership, Mercedes-Benz underscored their dedication to affordability beyond mere pricing. “The focus now shifts to evaluating the cost per kilometer for each component, a holistic approach that ensures sustainable savings,” they added.

To ensure business efficiency, Mercedes laid down a comprehensive approach to aftersales services, with a primary focus on Mercedes-Benz Trucks. They unveiled a range of service contract packages, offering varying levels of support to cater to diverse needs. These encompass on-site services, refurbishment programs, and engine and transmission renewals, all aimed at maximizing fuel efficiency and increasing the durability of vehicles.

Moreover, Mercedes-Benz hinted at the forthcoming launch of a suite of digital service solutions, capitalizing on the opportunities presented by digital advancements, with the goal of streamlining processes and empowering businesses to operate with enhanced efficiency.

On the other hand, the event organizer, who also doubles as an official dealer of brand-new Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Benz Trucks and their parts in Tanzania, CFAO Motors Tanzania, assured attendees of their commitment to continuous improvement. Tharaia Ahmed, Sales and Marketing Director at CFAO Motors Tanzania, commented, “As part of our dedication to quality services, we have introduced a special offer for parts, and I pledge that we will persist in conducting on-site visits, seeking firsthand insights to proactively address aftersales challenges.”

In essence, the Mercedes-Benz Dinner provided a crucial platform for collaboration and feedback, highlighting the collective dedication of both Mercedes-Benz and CFAO Motors Tanzania to forge ahead with innovation, ensuring customers receive the pinnacle of quality, service, and support.

As the automotive landscape undergoes transformation, this partnership stands as a testament to the industry's adaptability and resolve to furnish vehicles and services that surpass expectations.

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