In the land where the sun kisses the sea,
Samia's journey in Korea now begins with glee,
On South Korea’s dynamic shore,
Where partnerships and dreams will thrive evermore.

With seven agreements already sealed,
Tanzania's future brightens, its path revealed,
A $2.5 billion soft loan from Exim's chest,
For projects to bring out the nation’s best.

In Korea, at Yoon Suk Yeol’s request,
She addressed the summit, a prominent guest,
Discussed food and mineral security’s plight,
Opened doors to trade in the dawning light.

Economic diplomacy at its peak,
With leaders in energy, and infrastructure to seek,
Partnerships in film, arts, and more,
Cultural exchanges that we’ll explore.

Thirty-two years of shared history's tale,
Cooperation lasting, friendships prevail.
Aviation, minerals, arts, and the sea,
A tribute to our growth, bound to be.

Honoured by Korea Aerospace University’s grace,
For transforming aviation, leaving a trace,
From fleets expanding, airports anew,
Her leadership shines, steady and true.

Her fifth honorary title, a laurel she wears,
For building bridges and answering prayers,
In democracy, economy, gender, and more,
Her impact is felt from shore to shore.

Through bonds of trust and mutual respect,
In education, health, infrastructure we inspect,
From digital surveys to hospitals grand,
A future crafted, meticulously planned.

Thus, Samia’s journey in South Korea,
Her vision, Tanzania’s, will be clearer,
For in these steps, our nation’s rise,
In global respect and allies wise.

Thank you.

Written by Christopher Makwaia
Tel: +255 789 242 396

— The writer is a University of West London graduate (formerly Thames Valley University) and an expert in Management, Leadership, International Business, Foreign Affairs, Global Marketing, Diplomacy, International Relations, Conflict Resolution, Negotiations, Security, Arms Control, Political Scientist, and a self-taught Computer Programmer and Web Developer.

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